SK On employee, got quadruplets through natural childbirth… “I will grow healthy”

SK On announced the news of the Song PM couple’s quadruplet birth through an in-house broadcast to the company and congratulated them.

The company decided to support childcare helpers as a gift to commemorate the birth of quadruplets. President Ji Dong-seop also sent a handwritten card and a gift basket to congratulate the baby’s birth.

President Ji wrote on the card, ” 스포츠중계 When one person comes, one universe comes.” “As a father who has met four precious universes, I hope that the family will be filled with happiness.”

PM Song expressed his gratitude, saying, “After moving to SK On, my wife decided to become pregnant, and thanks to the welfare system, the burden was reduced.

His wife, Mr. Cha, also said, “Rather than a one-time event, I think the most important thing is to have a system and culture in which children can be raised well without worrying about money or time.”






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